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Night Heat
Night Heat Night Heat 7.3 / 10 by 4 users
Title:Night Heat
Original Title:Night Heat
Created by: Sonny Grosso, Larry Jacobson
First Air Date: 1985-01-31
Last Air Date: 1989-01-05
Country: CA
Runtime: 60 min.
Genre: Crime, Drama

 Networks:CTV Television Network
Language: en
 Plot Keyword:late night crime, mid south precinct


Night Heat is a Canadian police drama series, which aired on CTV from 1985 to 1991. The show also aired on CBS in the United States from 1987 to 1993 and was the first Canadian-produced drama series to air on an American network. CBS aired the series as part of CBS Late Night, a late night block of drama programming. The show starred Allan Royal as journalist Tom Kirkwood, who chronicled the nightly police beat of detectives Kevin O'Brien and Frank Giambone. The cast also included Susan Hogan, Wendy Crewson, Sean McCann, Louise Vallance, and Clark Johnson. Concurrent with her work on Night Heat, Vallance was starring in the children's series Zoobilee Zoo, playing a very different character. Night Heat has since aired in reruns on Showcase, TVtropolis and DejaView. A popular urban legend surrounds the filming of an episode featuring scenes set in New York City but filmed in Toronto. It is said that garbage was strewn around on the scene, to mimic New York's less clean appearance than Toronto. However, while the cast and crew were on a lunch break, a City of Toronto Sanitation official 'cleaned' the street, believing it to be genuinely dirty. This story has been associated with various films, but is thought most likely to have occurred during the filming of Night Heat, if at all.

Characters :

Actor : Louise Vallance

Characters :

Actor : Stephen Mendel

Characters :

Actor : Eugene Clark

Characters :

Actor : Jeff Wincott

Characters :

Actor : Allan Royal

Characters :

Actor : Scott Hylands

Characters :

Actor : Susan Hogan


Characters : Mugger

Actor : Keanu Reeves

Characters :

Actor : Sean McCann


Characters : Hope

Actor : Andrea Roth

Thug #1

Characters : Thug #1

Actor : Keanu Reeves


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