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The Key Full Movie

La chiave (1983)
La chiave (1983) La chiave (1983) 4.9 / 10 by 35 users
Title:The Key
Original Title:La chiave
Director:Tinto Brass
Writer: Jun'ichirô Tanizaki (novel), Tinto Brass
Release: 1983-10-18
Country: Italy
Language: Italiano
Runtime: 110 min.
Genre: Romance, Drama

 Production Company:San Francisco Film, Selenia Cinematografica, International Video Service
 Plot Keyword:male nudity, female nudity, sexual obsession, bathroom, sex, adultery, based on novel, jealousy, wife husband relationship, infidelity, obsession, dance, fascism, nudity, diary, seduction, orgasm, underwear, funeral, kiss, fondling, remake, pubic hair, perversion, sexual fantasy, sexploitation, lingerie, sexual attraction, cheating wife, unfaithfulness, cheating husband, sexual tension, cross dressing, falling in love, photograph, older man younger woman relationship, church, lust, photo shoot, desire, extramarital affair, sensuality, sexual desire, cunnilingus, softcore, female masturbation, mysterious woman, stripping, foreign language adaptation, obsessive love, cuckold, public urination, man with glasses, praying, pearl necklace, looking at self in mirror, cameraman, exhibitionism, slip the undergarment, young wife, garter, sexual exploration, flashback, erotic movie, cheat on wife, adulteress, erotic fantasy, exhibitionist, man and woman in a bed, reference to benito mussolini, adulterer
 Alternative Titles:
  • The Key
  • La clé
  • La chiave
  • 秘密
  • 键


A husband and wife lock their diaries in a drawer and also know that they read each other's entries, a device which takes them from one sexual encounter to another.
Teresa Rolfe

Characters : Teresa Rolfe

Actor : Stefania Sandrelli

Laszlo Apony

Characters : Laszlo Apony

Actor : Franco Branciaroli

Nino Rolfe

Characters : Nino Rolfe

Actor : Frank Finlay

Lisa Rolfe

Characters : Lisa Rolfe

Actor : Barbara Cupisti


Characters : Giulietta

Actor : Maria Grazia Bon

Don Rusetto

Characters : Don Rusetto

Actor : Gino Cavalieri

Memo Longobardi

Characters : Memo Longobardi

Actor : Piero Bortoluzzi


Characters : L'infirmière

Actor : Irma Veithen


Characters : Giustina

Actor : Milly Corinaldi

Dr. Fano

Characters : Dr. Fano

Actor : Giovanni Michelagnoli

Characters :

Actor : Armando Marra

Characters :

Actor : Eolo Capritti

Characters :

Actor : Maria Pia Colonnello

Characters :

Actor : Edgardo Fugagnoli

Characters :

Actor : Luciano Gasper

Characters :

Actor : Osiride Pevarello

Characters :

Actor : Sara Tagliapietra

Characters :

Actor : Mirella Zardo

Characters :

Actor : Pietro Lorenzoni

Characters :

Actor : Arnaldo Momo

Characters :

Actor : Paolo Biagetti

Father Confessor

Characters : Father Confessor

Actor : Tinto Brass

Characters :

Actor : Gianfranco Bullo

Characters :

Actor : Marina Cecchetelli

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