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Locked in Silence Full Movie

Locked in Silence (1999)
Locked in Silence (1999) Locked in Silence (1999) 5.5 / 10 by 2 users
Title:Locked in Silence
Original Title:Locked in Silence
Director:Bruce Pittman
Writer: David A. Simons (story), Dalene Young (teleplay)
Release: 1999-01-01
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 90 min.

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    A story of a young boy who becomes an elective mute after witnessing what he believes to be the killing by his older brother of a teenage boy. The young boy's brother then tells him not to say anything because of the trouble it would cause in the family... so he doesn't say anything again. The problem is that the young boy so enjoys his acceptance by others of his mutism that it brings his family, a loving and caring farm family, to the brink of financial ruin in medical and psychological costs to cure him. Based on a true story, this is the intelligent telling of a family in crisis, and the work of doctors in dealing with this mental illness.

    Characters : Lydia

    Actor : Bonnie Bedelia


    Characters : Jim

    Actor : Bruce Davison

    Dr. Rosenstock

    Characters : Dr. Rosenstock

    Actor : Dan Hedaya


    Characters : Stephen

    Actor : Marc Donato


    Characters : John

    Actor : Bill Switzer


    Characters : Jamie

    Actor : Steven McCarthy


    Characters : Grandma

    Actor : Helen Hughes

    Sheriff Haynes

    Characters : Sheriff Haynes

    Actor : Ron White

    Beth Ann

    Characters : Beth Ann

    Actor : Rebecca Johnson

    Bully #1

    Characters : Bully #1

    Actor : Cody Jones

    Bully #2

    Characters : Bully #2

    Actor : Kyle Fairlie

    School Bus Driver

    Characters : School Bus Driver

    Actor : Kenner Ames

    Dr. Kerry

    Characters : Dr. Kerry

    Actor : Ron Gabriel

    Miss Catalain

    Characters : Miss Catalain

    Actor : Dorothy Gordon

    Mr. Samuels

    Characters : Mr. Samuels

    Actor : Don Allison

    Hawley Adams

    Characters : Hawley Adams

    Actor : Craig Eldridge


    Characters : Psychologist

    Actor : Karen Robinson

    Mr. Albert

    Characters : Mr. Albert

    Actor : Guy Sanvido

    Local Farmer

    Characters : Local Farmer

    Actor : Randall Ray Pybas


    Characters : Lacey

    Actor : Alison Pill

    Hyperactive Boy

    Characters : Hyperactive Boy

    Actor : Auston Clark

    Dr. Susan Beckman

    Characters : Dr. Susan Beckman

    Actor : Deborah Pollitt

    Psych Nurse

    Characters : Psych Nurse

    Actor : Elle Downs

    Skinny Girl

    Characters : Skinny Girl

    Actor : Nina Shock

    Teenage Girl

    Characters : Teenage Girl

    Actor : Allegra Denton

    Young Boy

    Characters : Young Boy

    Actor : Lucas Denton

    Cute Girl

    Characters : Cute Girl

    Actor : Petra Wildgoose

    Josh Samuels

    Characters : Josh Samuels

    Actor : Curtis Parker

    TV News Reporter

    Characters : TV News Reporter

    Actor : Deborah Burgess

    Sheriff Deputy

    Characters : Sheriff Deputy

    Actor : Scott Wickware

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